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Community is so much more than the place we live. Community is people. Our mission is to drive personal and community transformation by empowering students to make a positive and enduring life change. From our campus communities to the communities we live, our staff and students strive to create positive support and make a change to build a better future. 

What's Your Story?

Stories From Faculty

“Our students really inspire me, I go above and beyond for my students. I give all the passion that I have for my students for them to get to the point where my life was changed from UEI, I want their lives to be changed as well.

- Jackie Azizyan

Executive Director

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“Each and every day our students are excited to be here, they feel as if they are home. That really allows us to establish and build relationships with our students.”

- Keith Reed

Associate Director of Career Services

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“I help my students feel empowered and capable of acquiring their goals in life and their career.”

- Ms. St. Clair

Dental Assistant Instructor

“When I was 5, my dad lost both of his kidneys. We thought he wasn’t going to make it. The medical assistants and nurses who took care of my dad were always so sweet and helpful. I wanted to be able to do the same for someone else’s important person.”

- Ms. Murillo

Medical Assistant Instructor

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“The teachers are very qualified, they know what they’re teaching, they know what they’re doing, and they care about the students. I feel that I have done almost everything in refrigeration and I want to teach the students what I have learned.”

- Mr. Hussain

HVAC Instructor

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“Everything comes with challenges and sacrifices. We see people from all walks of life and when they start school we can help them with anything. I was a student here once and someone helped to guide me. My job is to guide and help the next person that comes in.”

- Ronak Vartanian

Director of Admissions

– “One thing I love about UEI is the dedication everyone has here to try and see every single student through. You’re not just a student or a number, you’re a person.”

- Nikole Ellis

MA/MOS Campus Program Manager

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