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Be the Change

UEI College is committed to supporting racial equality.

We stand in solidarity with the African American community for social justice. 

Robert T.

Encino Campus Finalist

Time For African American Voices To Be Heard.


Narrow-minded views towards the representation of African Americans are widespread in today's world. The entire idea of slavery was that the blacks were powerless and therefore inferior. The prevailing belief was that the Blacks were uncivilized and adapted to the easy way of life too quickly. Having all this in view, the whites felt the African Americans might be defeated by destroying them and their offspring.


The hatred goes beyond their desire to exterminate blacks off the face of the earth and exploit their God-given resources. Come to think of it, what color is a racist’s heart? Such hearts have shades of anger, hatred, bitterness, jealousy, disgust, selfishness, and inferiority complex.


Why are Racists Fearful of African Americans?


Racists suffer an inferiority complex and are fearful of the knowledge that if African Americans rise to have what is rightfully theirs, utilizing their full potential, they might take over the world. The legacy of oppression has instilled certain whites with the deep foundations of prejudice. During the pre-colonial era, commerce, imperialism, and migration brought Blacks and whites to close.


The British were so partial that they formed stereotypical black images. Trading slaves was a way of fulfilling these racial views. Then, when the Europeans immigrated to America, they took African slaves along with them who are now fighting for equality in the United States, regardless of whether anyone wanted to recognize this or not.


The whites, believing in their superiority over blacks, heightened the belief that injustice is the rational thing. Through newspapers, books, flyers, cartoons, and speeches, so many theories have come to mind that equality is impossible. Rather, this is an evil and immoral act. Black lives matter. The illegal act of exploitation needs to be terminated with a determined will and coherence.


Although the legal changes ended, the belief that African Americans are subject to white superiority is still prevalent. The United States reveals how such philosophy works primarily to perpetuate African American dehumanization. Those views persist today in the US and the Caribbean islands and should be fought in this generation with persistence. Several countries are protesting in solidarity with African Americans to combat injustice and inequality. This unity portrays light at the end of the tunnel.  


Impacts of Racism on African Americans


For the African Americans, the repercussions are on a grand scale, but it is about to change now that the youth have woken up. The ex-colonizers continue to extract resources from their mother continent. They have nowhere to go even when they think about going back to their roots. They did not come to America willingly and when development kicked in, racial inequality still reared its ugly head. Wild stereotypes about African Americans are still fueling racism in America and across the globe.


As the lines of thoughts exist, racism whispered in the headlines of the pandemic novel COVID-19 worldwide. The low rates of the virus infection among the Africa Americans or blacks had baffled the racist scientists. Now, what do death tallies show? More African Americans are dying because those who are supposed to care about all humanity are busy looking at color as a threat. This whole idea and thought only reveal clearly that colonialism still finds space in today’s world.


What life is like as an African American in the USA


Despite growing up in Los Angeles, Kamara witnessed racism up close. On social media, he said several people have been influenced by Floyd's death. Rich and poor, black and white all reacted. His death had far-reaching consequences. Most of the people marched on the streets in protest. Kamara said, throughout his professional life, he faces the hurdles of racial prejudice. It was not easy to be a professional football player in America, particularly for predominately white soccer clubs. Kamara and other African American international players had learned to live with racism. He expresses his gratitude to citizens of all cultures who are standing up with them in the marches.


 “I am not just African, I’m black and an American citizen. When they see us, if there’s any trouble, we are the first suspects. We go into stores, security, whatever, or we go into clubs, we need to be careful. In some places, they won’t even let us in.”


The government authorities accept their viewpoints through active encouragement. He claims it was the correct thing to demonstrate. Particularly, because most black people in the United States are discriminated against. He is already an American resident as he has lived in the country for a long time. Although he married a white woman and became a citizen, some still discriminate against their children. They even don't regard them as hybrids. He had expected his children won't face prejudice as most blacks. He is thankful to the people who have struggled in recent years to introduce equity.


Equality And Respect for All Races


Even so, with the blacks still facing criticism, it honors the citizens who made the current reforms in the USA. Through these adjustments, Kamara claims that, while an immigrant, he gained American citizenship. He is presently open to opportunities and plays football for various clubs. He wants his vision fulfilled.


Kamara says he was preparing to continue training with imminent tranquility. But, they will always remember Floyd's death. In the meantime, they intend to represent blacks, particularly when young blacks look up to them, as black American sports stars. He wishes they will concentrate and play even though it's for Floyd and the youth today who rely on them as mentors.


The Way Forward: Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace.

In synopsis, not everyone who is a racist utters racism. Majority act racist. This is a subject on which race denies all people the same equity forum. It's all about African Americans who built the USA to where it is now upon their sweat without pay. America is their heritage, their home, their right. The US policy of killing blacks for whites to survive is a universal human right violation that stands to be eliminated. African Americans should not shock on the silence of their ancestors who were deprived of all they desired- fairness.


As you sip your black coffee each morning, remember all the years spent, longing to breathe justice. No time to waste - today is the time. Stand up and fight for what rightfully belongs to you. This is the generation that will bring the far dream of equality to reality. The long-awaited change is just an action away. Enough with the labels...!! To impact that change, the fight to promote greater equity and inclusion in all aspects of life for all is now. Not tomorrow, but Now !!

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