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Be the Change

UEI College is committed to supporting racial equality.

We stand in solidarity with the African American community for social justice. 

Kiki T.

Chula Vista Campus Finalist

I’m from the African American community. Throughout my life, I have endured many challenges and adversaries because of my race, such as not having the same opportunities and being overlooked in many different ways which sent me on a path of becoming another statistic. Being the only child of a single young mother without a father figure at an early age, I took to unsavvy people and things to find a sense of family and love. In doing so I made a lot of mistakes growing up but always yearned for a better opportunity. I started working young and neglected education because I never felt good enough to reach higher than what was given to me as a teen and young adult. Over the years I began to break that cycle and reach for the education that I deserved and would change my life. Becoming a Dental Assistant has been a dream of mine and I stepped out of the stigmatism of African American women in the dental profession. This step has changed my life tremendously, I'm so grateful that I took a chance on myself to make a better life for myself and others. Every day I'm learning something new in this profession and I'm striving to be the best that I can. UEI has been a light in the darkness my life has endured and with its help, I will be that exception. 

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