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Be the Change

UEI College is committed to supporting racial equality.

We stand in solidarity with the African American community for social justice. 

UEI College is committed to supporting racial equality. We stand in solidarity with the African American community for social justice. We have created the Be the Change Scholarship for UEI campuses to give our students a voice in the discussion of social justice, equality, human rights, and community change. Below are the finalists who have demonstrated a commitment in bringing change to the injustice of the African American community, in addition to wanting to pursue and change their life. 

Kyla S.

UEI Gardena

BOOM! I could still hear my cell closing for the first time. At 18 I became the common statistic of an upcoming African American woman from South Central L.A. Where I’m from, there’s only two ways to truly make it out, and that’s jail or a casket. But I choose differently.

Serita J.

UEI Anaheim

Sitting on a bench, across two very busy streets day in and day out while being dressed in layers upon layers of clothing wondering why me (after witnessing holidays plus the shuffle of people) for way over 4.5 years alone, lonely!

Mark F.

UEI Riverside

My name is Mark  and I am a 49 year old African American. I am going to make this short and sweet because every time I think about the situation it hurts! I was first introduced to racial social injustice in 2015.

Felicia P.

UEI San Marcos

I was born into a world with no cell phones and no social media. When you wanted to know what was going on in your locale, country or even the world, you read the newspaper or watched the evening news on TV.

Jasmine V.

UEI Phoenix

When I was working at McDonalds, a customer was saying racist comments to another customer in front of him, calling him the N word, saying he should go back to Africa, and all the negative comments you can think of.

Mohamed M.

UEI Huntington Park

My name is Mohamed, and coming to the United States was a dream that come true. We know this country as the land where dreams come true, hard work pays off at the end no matter how hard you try.

Rudy S.

UEI West Covina

Although I’m not all that well with essays, I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll be talking about Equality and Human Rights. With myself being a victim of hate crimes and discrimination for being openly gay, throughout my life I was scared of being who I was because I wasn’t sure of who I was at the time; I was confused.

Anthony L.

UEI Morrow

I was born and raised in Chicago, in some of the most poverty-stricken areas, but it’s where I learned everything I know. Growing up in the streets of Chicago has been full of some great memories and other times not so great. 

Henry B.

UEI Sacramento

I watched a young women with her kids being mistreated at a local grocery store because of her skin color.

Ivan W.

UEI Ontario

In this day and age, prejudice and discrimination should not be tolerated. Especially in the workplace and there are laws established to prevent this from happening. 

Yvonne O.

UEI Bakersfield

As a black woman growing up in the United States, social injustice is something that has always been present in my life. From being listed as “negro” on my birth certificate, to being stood-up at my senior prom by my Greek boyfriend at the time whose family deemed that I, as a black girl, was not a suitable date for such an occasion. 

Kristina S.

UEI Fresno

It was when I was attending college at Fresno City College when I was a freshman, barely seeing the real world as what people call it, and all I can say was that I was ashamed. There was another freshman like me, but unfortunately he was bullied.

Danielle S.

UEI Stockton

First and foremost, I want to thank you, for taking the time to read what I have written out. I also want to state that I love everyone equally and really hope to get your attention, and HELP!! I want to put a stop the ignorance and oblivious ways that others show too often.

Kiki T.

UEI Chula Vista

I’m from the African American community. Throughout my life I have endured many challenges and adversaries because of my race, such as not having the same opportunities and being over looked in many different ways which sent me on a path of becoming another statistic.

Robert T.

UEI Encino

Narrow-minded views towards the representation of African Americans are widespread in today's world. The entire idea of slavery was that the blacks were powerless and therefore inferior.

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