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“I want to help kids take care of their teeth... I didn't want to do anything after I graduated from high school so, It's like a huge accomplishment to me. ”

- Ericka

Dental Assistant

“I never imagined going back to school. Thats the thing, I didn't want to go back to school, but I came and I checked out the program and I like everything I'm seeing here."

- Raymond F.

Automotive Technician

“I retired from the U.S. Navy. In the military we had to work together to get stuff done. That's kind of like what we do here in HVAC. We all work together. Everybody learns something different at different stages. ”

- Darrius G.

HVAC Technician 

“I've always wanted to help out and take care of people. I took care of by dad for about a year. He's ill and so I was really passion about that. I want to eventually become a nurse.

- Leiliani F.

Medical Assistant

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