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Be the Change

UEI College is committed to supporting racial equality.

We stand in solidarity with the African American community for social justice. 

Henry B.

Sacramento Campus Finalist

I watched a young woman with her kids being mistreated at a local grocery store because of her skin color. She wasn't assisted with getting a product off the top shelf while the staff watched her struggle because her kids were being a little restless while she shopped. I witnessed eye-rolling and mumbling under their breath, instead of assisting they continued to stock the shelves. I just simply reached up and grabbed the item off the top shelf so she could move on. Meanwhile, I saw a Caucasian lady with multiple children pulling things down and fighting one another, while she FaceTimed her friend about a displeasure of homeschooling, be assisted, and actually offered help with no problems. It's just sad that we as a community will sit by and watch one struggle with no regard for their life struggles based clearly on the color of their skin, in which we had no choice. Sad but so true, we haven't overcome any racial bias nor are looking to make a change unless it directly affects us. May God have mercy on us.

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