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What's Your Story?

Stories From Phoenix



“It has been a tricky balance for me and my kids during this whole pandemic. It has taken a lot of juggling and balance, a lot of patience and perseverance. We have been blessed to not go under through all of this. I am glad that I made the step to go to school in spite of all that is going on around me.


Going to UEI has given me hope that good things are coming our way. It gives me a little break from being cooped up with the kids all the time, and I learn new things that I get to teach my boys. They liking learning what I learned in class that day. Recently I have been struggling a bit and the student services folks helped me with job prospects when I was in need and had lots of helpful resources. I'm so grateful to them all, they made this process as easy and fast for me. Getting back into school has been put off for a long time, because of time and money, but now I can do it and be successful. Even with my busy life.”  

- DajuaVae H.

Medical Assistant



“Don’t give up on your dreams. Online distance is only an obstacle for a great career you’re going to achieve. Online distance learning helps your computer skills for your career. Always remember, there so many people willing to help at all times and to always remember to ask any questions. Never be embarrassed about asking for help. Know that as classmates, we’re here to help as well because we’re all in it together. The impact of my career will make my sick mom feel happy since she’s always sick. Since I take care of my sick mom, I want to have an impact on the world as a medical assistant because I know how it feels to ask a nurse if your relatives are ok. And nurses that make you feel like everything is ok are so loved and that’s what I want to be someday. That’s a reason why I never give up because I want to put smiles on people’s faces and make them feel secure that everything is going to be ok.” 

- Nicole G.

Medical Assistant



“Useful advice I wish someone would have given me was no matter how hard it gets, never give up at all. Keep pushing and look forward to what you are going to accomplish in life. Knowing that now, I regret looking back and giving up was the worse thing I could have ever done.”

- Desirae B.

Medical Assistant



“Last year in March my brother was hit on his motorcycle by a car, a mile up the road from my house. His nurses and medical assistance were very rude, they kept smiling at me but wouldn't tell me what was going on. That night I lost my big brother. I joined this program so I could become a better medical assistant and help people, including the ones who are in need and the families who are going through it with them. I have always wanted to be a registered nurse. By becoming a medical assistant first it will help me get into the medical field faster so I can achieve my goals. I had a few obstacles along the way, a few family members have also passed. It was difficult at first learning about all the injuries my brother had and what they could have done. In first-aid, we learned CPR which was hard because I was alone at the hospital and saw the nurses doing CPR on my brother. Along the way I just had to push through it and remind myself he is still somehow with me.”

- Jelousy S.

Medical Assistant



“My passion outside of school is to follow my health career choice, which is to help people feel good about themselves. When I think of having the best smile, I think of being happy with yourself and having the confidence to face anything. When you have a smile that you’re proud of, it can really impact a person’s life. I am really thankful that I have come across this opportunity to be the one to help others. It’s not about being perfect, it's about effort. When you bring effort every day, that's how transformation begins and change occurs.”

- Danielle R.

Dental Assistant



“Keep going no matter what. Learn to communicate with others in your class and your instructors to get your assignments done. I really feel that this online has help me become more productive and independent. I have recently got my high school diploma, my driver’s license and I’m expecting to graduate soon. It took hard work, commitment, and great communication with my fellow classmates and peers. Make sure you are time managing all your work. Don’t wait until the last moment to do it because then you’ll be stressed. Make small goals and plan them accordingly to your schedule. I believe by completing my schooling and going to work as a medical assistant, others will do the same. Coming from a low-income background and not having many resources makes it hard to feel like any goals can be accomplished, but it’s possible. Despite being out of school for 7 years, I was still able to obtain my high school diploma and begin my way as a medical assistant.” ”

- Maria B.

Medical Assistant



“One piece of useful advice I wish someone told me is don’t worry about everyone else around you. You get so caught up in the moment, you can lose yourself. I used to be worried about everyone else except myself and I got lost. I found myself again, but it was a long journey to do so. Also, another piece of advice is that no matter how hard it gets, just keep going.”

- Grace V.

Medical Billing & Insurance Coding



“The useful advice that I wished people could have given me earlier is to go to college and finish on making a career for myself, and to do my best so that way I don't' have to struggle in life. If I took that advice and did what I had to do to better myself and my future, I would have looked back and done it.”

- Ana Q.

Medical Assistant



“My past has taught me a valuable lesson. In 2016, I fell down at my lowest and never thought I would see myself happy, healthy, or back on the right path again. That year I was distant from my family, I had dropped out of high school and had left to the streets. There are many stories that I have to tell that happened during that year, but I choose to not tell because I feel embarrassed. My past has shaped a better, healthier, happier person than who I used to be. I am proud for waking up every day grinding closer to my goals and also to be back in that healthy lifestyle I once had before my downfall. I’m proud that I still have not relapsed. I'm proud to show my parents I'm doing it without it being too late.”

- Delicia G.

Medical Assistant



“My life movie would be titled, The Journey, the Fall, the Rise. My life movie would be the story of a guy trying to figure himself out while helping raise kids. It would feature adventure, tragedy, triumphs, and a whole lot of humor. My mother will always be the greatest woman in my life. She has been through so much and she deserves everything she could ever dream of. I have the opportunities that I have with the knowledge to identify what’s best because of my mother. My Mother is hands down the greatest woman alive.”

- Roger K. Jr.

Dental Assistant


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