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“I've always wanted to pursue a career where Impacted others and always thought a great smiles boost your confidence. I talked others schools and no other school made me feel this way”

- Rosalia C.

Dental Assistant

“I don't to be somewhere were I'm going to be stuck in the same spot forever. I want to be somewhere where I can grow and I feel like the dental definitely has room for alot of growth "

- Natalie E.

Dental Assistant

“I knew that this school was for me because when I first got here they made me feel really comfortable like that wanted me to be here."

- Destiny T.

Dental Assistant 

“I've always wanted to help out and take care of people. I took care of by dad for about a year. He's ill and so I was really passion about that. I want to eventually become a nurse.

- Leiliani F.

Medical Assistant

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