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What's Your Story?

Stories From Ontario



"From the first day, the instructor will walk you through what we need to do at your pace. I never feel rushed or unmotivated to attend a lecture either online or in-class. Before I came to this school I felt lost with a void-like feeling you could say. I was attending a community college but never felt as if I was actually learning anything that caught my interest except for human anatomy. My knowledge about it now is far greater then I expected. I now come to class eagerly every single day, or if I am at home I do what I have to but never without interest. I have truly found my purpose thanks to all of you. I hope to make my school proud when I graduate. I hope to make them even more proud when I start my career all thanks to them."

- Erick R.

Medical Assistant



I am thankful for my daughter and my family the most. I am also thankful for life, health, and the opportunity to train for a career job so I can provide for my family and myself. If I have the opportunity to give back to the community, I would volunteer at my little brother's school and make food for the needy people. Another way of giving back to the community is encouraging people to volunteer at charities. I plan to offer my skills by holding a fundraiser at school and planting trees. 

- Ruby P.

Medical Assistant



My favorite thing about UEI is that everyone make me feel at home and always support me whenever I need help. I feel like this is sometimes difficult because of my language barrier but they are so kind and keep helping me until my question is answered. I am very grateful for all the instructors and the admissions who always supported and motivated us. When I received the honor roll and perfect attendance awards that motivated me to work harder to achieve my goal.

- Sally K.

Dental Assistant



My family are the reason why I want to better myself with the education I'm getting here at UEI, my goal is to make them proud of me and work hard to give them a better life. In the next 6 to 12 months, I see myself studying for my C20 heating and cooling contractors’ license. My goal is to have my own HVAC small business within 2 years after graduating from UEI College. With the help and encouragement from my family I can accomplish my dreams.

- Juan N.




I’m a prime example that just because you grow up in the system, you can change and be successful. In the next 6-12 months, I imagine myself finishing up with school. I can’t wait for graduation, I’m going to be so proud! I never thought I’d be doing this and I can only imagine the shock I’m going to give people when I tell them I graduated and I’m going to be working in HVAC! Thank you UEI!

- Kelcey T.



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