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What's Your Story?

Stories From Morrow



"Online Distance Learning may take some getting used to, but just look at it as a time to learn other study habits. Think about the pros rather than the cons. It's almost as if we have it easier than before. Keep in mind that it will not last forever. Eventually we will be back in the classroom and lab. Take this time to get close with other classmates. Form virtual study groups to stay connected and involved. There is so much you can do while still prating social distancing. Hang in there!

I believe that I can positively impact others by pursuing my dental assistant career. Ever since I enrolled in college, I have had so many friends wanting to know the process so that they too can pursue a career. I believe that outside of the dental office I can motivate others to pursue a career in a desired field. Inside the dental office, I can impact others by working side by side with the dentist. Working with the dentist to improve the dental health of various patients will not only have a positive impact on those patients, but it will show others that I am dedicated."

- Danielle J.

Dental Assistant



I am immensely thankful to my instructor Ms. Bush who has always guided me to gain the skills as a Medical Assistant. She has always boosted my confidence up whenever I faced difficult situations, especially during my first month at UEI. I even stayed several times after class to grasp complex concepts and she always made time for me. If I could volunteer anywhere, I would like to help in a healthcare practice at a hospital. Specifically in a physician’s setting so I can help patients with a speedy recovery. I think prevention is better than a cure and I want to give them knowledge to remain fit and healthy. It would also be good experience to work in as a Medical Assistant in today’s environment.

- Aulakl K.

Medical Assistant


“I chose my program because I really wanted to do something to help people. I’ve had some problems with my teeth and wanted a better understanding of, what happens? Why things happen? And what should be done next. There are endless ways to move up in the dental field and I saw this as the best way to get started. I love this program because it’s so hands on I am a very hands on learner. I think books can give you the information but when you’re actually doing it and practicing every day the information you have been given sticks much better. I also love the instructors at this campus, even if you’re not in their class, they really make the school feel like family. It makes me want to go to school.”

- Tiarika L.

Dental Assistant



If my life was a movie it would be called "Choices”. I have had difficult times throughout my life because of the decisions I have made in the past. I have a lot of faith and this is what has driven me in the past. I made poor choices when I was young but eventually learned from them. I have had sad and difficult times when I did not think that I was going to make it and worried about having a roof over my head. I sacrificed a lot of things but I have always been thinking of my daughter because I knew that I had to pull through for her. My family is the reason I am back in school and motivated me to continue my education. I now have hope for the future. With their help, I will reach my ultimate goal. One day I will run my own company and make my family proud.

- Lilian O.

Business Office Administration



“My family is my drive. I am the reflection of a huge sacrifice my parents took years ago, and it's only right for myself to make it worth it. So, I decided that UEI was the perfect school to achieve my goal and the perfect place I knew I could expand my education. In other words, my family were the ones to inspire me and support me coming here… I am sure that this program, as well as this campus, has everything I need to reach my goals and dreams. I have never felt so sure of or close to reaching my dreams until I came across UEI.”

- Michell B.

Dental Assistant


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