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What's Your Story?

Stories From Huntington Park



“The reason that I chose to attend the Medical Assistant Program is because of my personal experiences with healthcare workers. Just as there are rude medical assistants, I have met a young lady who changed my perspective on the entire medical field. Her name is Tracy and she is a registered nurse that works in Stockton. My father was in the hospital at the beginning of this year and while he was admitted, none of the medical staff bothered to inform me of what was going on, if my dad was even alive, regardless of who I reached out to. Sobbing uncontrollably, I stayed in the waiting room feeling impotent and helpless. The next morning, I encountered Tracy, and everything changed. She had a smile that lit up the room and her reassuring tone of voice managed to calm me down and made me believe that my dad would be okay. She was the kindest nurse I had ever ran into and has become my motivation to be the best medical assistant a patient could ever have.”

- Vanessa C.

Medical Assistant


“A lot of people move to California to live the L.A. life because they think beaches, art museums, and colorful hair. But what is the L.A. life? Walking down downtown L.A. I realized that it’s not all about roses and sunshine, there are a lot of homeless people in need. At first I felt sympathy but then I changed that feeling to empathy. I put myself in their shoes. I now strive to build shelters for the homeless. Many people end up where they are because of their bad choices, but you have to keep in mind we’re only human. By giving them resources for medical attention will not only change the community but it will change their perspective of life into a more positive one. No one in this world wants to be sick and no one chooses to be sick. This is why I will also strive to get them free healthcare because everyone deserves to be healthy. Opening my own foundation to help those in need, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, and creed will be a dream come true.

- Diana N.

Medical Assistant


“My hero is definitely my mom. She has always been and always will be my role model. My mom came into this country at 18, without one single dollar and built a whole future for us. She always put us first and herself last. She's such a strong person and her advice is gold to me. “

- Jennifer S.

Medical Assistant



“My past has shaped me in so many ways, it has made me become a better person and mother. My past has caused me to push myself in many ways that I have never thought possible. I have made several mistakes in life but I will never regret them because they made me who I am today.

- Larrisha W.

Medical Assistant


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