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What's Your Story?

Stories From Gardena



“My father has made a difference in my life because he has pushed me to do my best in everything. We have gone through so much ever since he was deported, but he still managed to take care of my two siblings, my mom, and me. I will forever be grateful for what he did. No words can explain the love I have for him. The song ‘I'm Almost There’ from The Princess and the Frog relates to me in so many ways. It motivates me to do better because I'm almost there, reaching my goal of being someone successful.”

- Crystal C.

Medical Assistant



“I'm thankful for my family, husband, and kids. I learned from my family mistakes and the experiences they went through. Without my husband I wouldn't have my two beautiful daughters and the support from them. They all give me inspiration and motivation to keep thriving for success. They all taught me strength, courage, and wisdom. My father’s background taught me to be optimistic. I learned my parents escaped the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. I heard their war stories and knew that they already granted us a fortunate future. My older brothers and sisters made me learn from their mistakes and personalities. My kids give me hope that I can give them a better life. They are the most thoughtful, sweet, and pure kids I can ever ask for. I want them to grow up in a healthier, positive, and safe environment where they have no worries for themselves.

- Sinath O.

Dental Assistant


“My hero is my life is my grandmother. I am so grateful to have been raised by her. As a woman, I am now able to see clearly and understand her teachings. Everything I do, good or bad falls on her and I do not want to put shame on her name but raise her high in what I am currently doing in school. I do not want to waste anything she sacrificed for me. When I signed up for school at UEI and picked the Dental Assistant program, I did not have a doubt in my mind that I was meant to be in this class. My classmates and teacher are amazing!”

- Resina M.

Dental Assistant



“My New Year’s resolution is to finish school and be the most successful I can be with my new career. Giving up is not an option for me! I want to show my kids it's never too late to start a new career, I want to be successful enough to support my kids and myself on my own.

- Raquel R.

Dental Assistant


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