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What's Your Story?

Stories From Anaheim



“My favorite super hero is Iron Man. The funny thing about Iron Man is that he doesn't really have a super power. Yes, he has a device in his chest that keeps him alive and a really cool suit that allows him to fly around like a human fighter jet, but for me, his real super power is his mind. He has the ability to devise and create things that help him accomplish his goals. It is for these reasons that I would wish my super power to be a gifted mind. I would love to have the ability to create things out of nothing. I would love to be a Tony Stark or Elon Musk - revolutionizing the world.”


- Jason M.




“Everyone has a story to tell and those stories come with growth. My past has shaped who I am and what I choose to do because I grew up in a city of poverty. I have seen and dealt with situations that have helped me flourish into the woman I am today. Struggling my whole life implanted a seed of struggle for me and I promised myself I will always re-plant that seed and help myself grow into the woman I've always wanted to be. Everyone has a past that molds them into the character they are today. Your past will either make you or break you, but it is up to you to choose. Growing up in a city known for its high crime rate and poverty, I had adapted to my environment. It changed me as a person. Despite violence, living in Compton, California came with bad education. The teachers could care less about your education, they'd rather show up just to receive a paycheck. Every day I had to walk miles to school or ask for free bus rides just to sit in class and do nothing.  I switched from school to school because someone was murdered right in front of the school or because my mom couldn't afford to pay rent and we had to move. All these are situations I went through and I am proud of myself and what I have accomplished so far. Signing up for school and finishing with great attendance makes me proud of myself. At times you want to give up or get lazy, but if you are motivated enough you can see past that and actually get a glimpse of how amazing your future will be. Despite all of my struggles, I found the good in life. I can tell my story to others just so they can see they aren't the only ones who are suffering. Becoming an Ambassador at UEI allows me to motivate others and also help them finish. I use this position as a way of encouraging others. Being proud of yourself is the only way to do positive things to make others proud. When you undergo a transformation in life, it hurts to think back and see the person you were before; yet, you are grateful for the person you become today.”

- Breia M.

Dental Assistant



“I am thankful for accomplishing something that I never thought I was going to be able to complete. One of the things I was procrastinating and thought was not the right thing to do at this time was to return to school. I would think to myself how could I juggle school, parenting, and work? Everything changed the day I had my interview with the director of admissions. When he asked, why I wanted to come to UEI College, the only thing I had in my mind was that I wanted my children to have a better childhood than mine, and he said to me let that be your motivation to completing and pursuing your dream. I had forgotten about myself and all my dreams I wanted to pursue. I am thankful that UEI never gave up on me and gave me a chance to pursue my dream and grow professionally. I would like to take some time to thank Virginia Perez from admissions for insisting and not taking no for an answer. I also want to thank my family for being so supportive. If I can have anyone at my thanksgiving table, it would have to be my dad. Even though he abandoned us when I was 8 years old, I would give anything to get a hug from him and spend thanksgiving with him. I have learned that having resentment does not give you any satisfaction. Rather, it only takes away from your happiness and the quality time you could spent with your loved one. For that and many other reasons, it would be a great honor to have my dad at the Thanksgiving table.”

- Carolina M.

Medical Billing & Insurance Coding


“I am extremely proud to be a UEI student for various reasons and I love coming to school. I enjoy learning from the instructors and staff. I personally feel that I made the right decision by coming to school and putting in the effort because it has built my confidence level up higher than it originally was before I started attending UEI. I only have two more months and I’m super excited for graduation. I also can’t wait till I start working in a dental office on my externship. UEI is the best school and I would recommend it to anyone.”

- Brenda M.

Dental Assistant


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